Our approach is community-based.

We believe in strengthening the mind first, building on the importance of community, and skill development will follow. We have the ability to write our own stories and strengthen our communities.

We have to return to the ancestral ways of connecting with one another through meaningful ways. There is no engagement or impact without connection. We create safety and safe spaces where we can give and receive without judgement. 

We help others to feel seen, heard and valued. 

We create opportunities for shared vulnerability.

We create spaces to feel open and receptive to support, sustenance, and strength. 

We are trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive.

Together we help to provide tools that can support Indigenous people in utilizing their own inherent inner strength.

Youth Development: Meaningful connection

Youth need safe, in-person interaction to feel seen, heard and valued. We provide youth with the tools to support them in utilizing their own inherent inner strength. We create spaces for social and emotional learning that starts with youth. 

Basketball Programming

Our basketball programming is community-based and focuses on mind and skills development.  No basketball experience is required. We focus on the attitude and mindset of learning through a growth mindset and individual drills, lessons, and skills to use on and off the court. Basketball is a means to improving the ways in which we see and show up in our communities.

Talking Circles and Community/Classroom Dialogue

Our Indigenous people need to see themselves in places of positivity, leadership and success. We take a storytelling approach to our talking circles and community/classroom dialogues. Our ancestors used myths and stories to transfer knowledge from generation to generation. There is no better storyteller than an Indigenous person who was an Indigenous youth and can tell a story where there are enough points of shared Indigenous youth experience and upbringing. Indigenous people need to connect with particular growth mindset details and dream of new realities and future for themselves. Tlaatsgaa Development facilitates these conversations. 

Together we allow Indigenous people to dream their own futures and envision a new dream. Seeing themselves in our story and being able to choose to envision a new future for themselves beyond what they might have been exposed to in their particular community. 

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a skill set taught by Tlaatsgaa Development. Together we create a pathway to achieving goals by creating a space/circle where Indigenous people learn how to create a goal and achieve it. We teach that there is no judgement in adjusting our life path. This is a growth mindset: to learn that challenges provide the opportunity to grow.