Break the (BI)CYCLE inspires hope and healing for black and Indigenous men across Canada and the US. Break the (BI)CYCLE works with local Nations and Tribes to support and fund mental health initiatives. Working with the vision of self-determination.

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As a former professional basketball player and avid cyclist, who identifies as both black and Indigenous, I have dedicated my life to speaking up against racism and mentoring youth in my community. I have long recognized a large gap in the cycling industry—there is not a strong presence of men of color. So I decided I would create a community for this historically marginalized group, while promoting mental wellness.

Break the (BI)CYCLE is a new movement dedicated to breaking the silence around mental health for men of colour. Through cycling, black and Indigenous men from across Canada and the US will gain support and healing while building a network of community. The movement will begin with cycling challenges through July and August and culminate in a 30-day cycling fundraiser. The (BI)CYCLE team has a goal of raising $100,000 to support mental health initiatives across Western Canada and the US.

Black and Indigenous men are two groups who continue to experience personal and systemic racism resulting in significant mental health challenges. These groups have higher rates of depression and suicide than any other demographic and are disproportionately represented in the Canadian and United States justice system. These challenges are further exacerbated by very few mental health services that focus on their unique needs.

Beginning August 29th through to September 30th, a team of black and Indigenous men will cycle from Vancouver, BC to San Diego, CA. As a part of this ride, the team will visit Black and Indigenous communities along the way to share and connect. The $100,000 raised will be gifted to 20 villages and communities for men to start their own initiatives. The recipients of these gifts will be selected through a formal application process.


Join us in Breaking the (BI)Cycle. Now through August, ride with us daily:
1. Get on your bike daily and ride for (7,14, 21, or 28+ miles at a time)
2. Build a bike community and raise awareness about Black Indigenous realities
3. Capture photos of your ride and tag #breakthebicycle | @breakthebicycle
4. DONATE to the cause via