Damen provides a variety of consulting services including, but not limited to, basketball camp facilitation, student and peer group talking circles, mens talking circles, guidance on Indigenous community-building and engagement, racial equity facilitation, Indigenous community partnership development and more. All services are offered virtually to mitigate COVID19 transmission but are also available for in-person events, consulting and organizing in a safe and COVID-conscious environment. 


Damen serves a variety of community initiatives, schools, gyms, non-profit organizations, corporations, Tribes and health organizations, outdoor organizations including cycling companies, and more. If you are an organization interested in a partnership opportunity not listed here, please feel free to reach out and inquire about possibilities. 


Prices and fees for consulting are dependent on the project. Damen’s services are available nationally and internationally as well. Contact to inquire about services and fees. 


Our Indigenous people need to see themselves in places of positivity, leadership and success. We take a storytelling approach to our talking circles and community/classroom dialogues. Our ancestors used myths and stories to transfer knowledge from generation to generation. There is no better storyteller than an Indigenous person who was an Indigenous youth and can tell a story where there are enough points of shared Indigenous youth experience and upbringing. Indigenous people need to connect with particular growth mindset details and dream of new realities and future for themselves. 

Together we allow Indigenous people to dream their own futures and envision a new dream. Seeing themselves in our story and being able to choose to envision a new future for themselves beyond what they might have been exposed to in their particular community.



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Damen has over a decade of experience with youth and communities. He has overcome obstacles and continues to inspire Indigenous people across Indian country.